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Navigating the commute to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is now less challenging thanks to Iride, a free LAX employee shuttle. This complimentary transportation solution, brought to you by the City of Inglewood, is specifically designed for LAX employees residing in Inglewood and Lennox.

Booking your ride with Iride is easy. Whether you’re planning your commute in advance or needing a same-day ride, Iride has you covered. You’ll enjoy a smooth and efficient ride to work, all without the stress of navigating traffic or finding parking at LAX!

Who Can Use This Free LAX Employee Shuttle

Iride serves residents of Inglewood and Lennox who are employed at LAX. To hop on the shuttle, you simply need to present your LAX employee badge to the driver. The service is fully funded by the City of Inglewood in collaboration with Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), meaning there’s no cost to you.

Not only does the shuttle offer a free solution for your daily commute, but it also promises significantly shorter travel times compared to driving thank to simplifying your commute by dropping employees off right at the main LAX entrance. Plus, with the convenience of our mobile app, requesting a ride has never been easier.

Iride Shuttle Service Hours

Understanding that LAX employees have varying shifts, Iride operates seven days a week with both A.M. and P.M. service hours to accommodate everyone. Here are the details:

  • A.M. service hours are from 4:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M.
  • P.M. service hours run from 12:45 P.M. to 4:45 P.M.

Iride drivers are committed to completing all rides within these service hours, ensuring you get to and from work on time.

If You Live in Inglewood or Lennox and Work at LAX, Sign Up for the Free Employee Shuttle Now

The City of Inglewood, in partnership with LAWA, is proud to offer this free LAX employee shuttle service.The Iride service is more than just a ride; it’s your ticket to a more enjoyable, stress-free commute to LAX. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your daily commute — let us know you’re interested in the free LAX employee shuttle by filling out the form below!

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